Why are sales and marketing using AI?

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Why AI is the new CRM for B2B Sales and Marketing?


For a long time, technology has supported Sales and Marketing Strategies gathering all customer interactions in the CRM platform. MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) has been a more recent technology add-on to CRM, helping Marketeers deliver on their outbound and inbound strategy. With AI, Marketing and Sales teams are now adding another technology layer to better execute their strategy.

Why are sales & marketing teams using AI? How can your business transform if you keep doing the same thing? New technologies enable organizations to implement more intelligent strategies instead of arbitrarily selecting industries or accounts for sales & marketing teams to focus on. Leaders can now make more informed decisions leveraging powerful insights from AI. This technology uses external and internal data signals to score leads, opportunities and accounts, giving your team focus on how to get a higher win rate and accelerate the sales and marketing pipeline.

To improve sales and marketing effectiveness, Sidetrade’s AI solution categorizes your priority leads and sales opportunities based on their likelihood to convert at the highest value.

Using proprietary reach scoring, Sidetrade proposes and automates personalized email sequences for your sales teams to target those buyer personas who are most likely to engage. The solution sorts the responses and prioritizes follow-up based on Sidetrade’s proprietary engagement scoring so that your sales teams can focus their efforts on most effectively following up the best opportunities.

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